4 Ways to Use Baths for Natural Healthcare

  • by Julie Ure

4 Ways to Use Baths for Natural Healthcare

Baths are for more than relaxing and cleanliness. Click here to see how you can use baths as part of your natural healthcare routine!


Taking a hot bath is one of life's greatest joys. There's something so relaxing about hunkering down in the water for a nice long soak.

Whether you bring a book, your iPad, or some wine, you're sure to enjoy slipping into a sudsy tub of tranquillity.

You'll take joy in hearing then, that baths are an excellent way to promote natural healthcare. Regular baths are good for not only the soul and mind but the body as well. 

Ready to up your natural health care? Here are our 4 ways baths keep you healthy.


#1: Fight Joint Pain And Stiffness

If you're having joint stiffness, joint pain, or arthritis pain, try taking a long hot bath. Warm water helps alleviate joint inflammation and eases built up tension.

A study found that 30 men and women with osteoarthritis of the knee were able to walk better after just 20 minutes soaking in warm water.

Now that's what we call an effective treatment.

Adding salt to the bath is also beneficial. Salt reduces the swelling in cells that greatly contribute to arthritic pain.


#2: Beat Back Your Cold

Taking a bath when you have a cold feels amazing. Coincidentally, it's also amazing for your immune system.

Scientists have found evidence that elevating your body temperature (hot bath!) helps certain types of immune cells function better.

In addition, hot steam from that same bath will also help clear out the nasal passages by reducing inflammation.

If you have the sniffles, grab a good book and dive in!


#3: Improve Your Circulation

People suffering from poor circulation should take a dip into a warm bathtub as frequently as possible.

Studies have found that warm baths improve circulation. The results come from people suffering from serious heart conditions, including chronic heart failure.

Now, we're not saying you have chronic heart failure. But if a warm bath can improve circulation on an already stressed heart, imagine what it can do for your ticker. 


#4: Help Your Skin Shine

People suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis or eczema can benefit tremendously from bath time.

Warm bath water can sooth psoriasis induced itching and inflammation. Adding sea salt or bath oil can also help.

A much stranger bath remedy can help eczema sufferers. Soak in bath water mixed to the concentration 0.005 percent bleach. 

The bleach helps kill surface bacteria and suppress the immune system's inflammatory response.

Just make sure to use the correct concentration of bleach. Oh, and shower off your body before touching any fabric.

Doesn't reading all of those tips just make you want to take a bath? It sure inspires us to grab the bath bomb and dive right in.


Natural Healthcare in Your Life...

Sometimes we search too hard for health solutions while the answers sit right in front of us the entire time.

Relaxing baths? Yeah, we love them. Relaxing baths that help cure what ails our poor bodies? That sounds even better.

Now that you know the benefits of baths, it's time to incorporate them into your healthcare routine!