3 Reasons Why Essential Oil Bath Bombs Are the Best Bath Bombs

  • by Julie Ure

Why Essential Oil Bath Bombs Are the Best Bath Bombs

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Last year alone, the beauty industry generated over $62 billion in revenue. Much of that staggering number was thanks to the rise of bath bombs - one of the biggest trends in beauty in history.

If you love to pamper yourself with the best bath bombs, check out this post on the 3 reasons why getting bath bombs loaded with essential oils is great for your beauty routine!


Essential Oils Make The Best Bath Bombs Because They Relax You

Americans work the longest hours when compared to about 15 other countries. We know what that means: when you get home from work, you just want to de-stress, relax, and take some much-needed time to pamper yourself. 

Picking up some of the best bath bombs loaded with essential oils will help.

Almost all essential oil ingredients will relieve tension, but if your mind is racing from a crazy day, look for lavender essential oil bath bombs to help you fall asleep.

To clear your mind, go for a bath bomb with a peppermint essential oil. 

If you work on your feet, find an option for the best bath bombs that includes eucalyptus oil to make the aches and pains in your arches go away. 


Essential Oil Bath Bombs Help You Look Your Best!

Real Talk: Relaxing is great, but we know you want to make sure your beauty ingredients also help with, um, beauty. 

Look for bath bombs with lime essential oil to clear up acne (wash your face with the water while in the tub and let it dry naturally).

If you're looking for ways to get rid of annoying cellulite in time for swimsuit season, look for the best bath bombs for cellulite reduction: ones that contain grapefruit essential oils. 

If your nails are weaker than you'd like, soak them in bath bomb water with a bath bomb that contains lemon essential oils for about ten minutes. 


Essential Oils Can Help Heal You

If you're suffering from persistent migraines, soaking in the tub may help. Look for bath bombs containing lavender or peppermint essential oils, and even dunk your head in the bathwater for more immediate relief.

If you spent a little too much time outdoors - and without wearing any bug spray - soothe the itching and pain of insect bites by soaking in a lavender essential oil bath bomb. 

If you're an athlete, chances are you're sustaining some minor injuries - and definitely a lot of bruises. Especially if you're involved in a high-contact sport. To help clear up bruises, and to ease the pain of sports injuries, pick out a bath bomb that contains lavender, cypress, and geranium essential oils. 

Sometimes, getting yourself to feel better only involves taking a bath! If only it were always that easy...


Get Ready For Your Bath

Bath bombs made from essential oils aren't just nice to look at - they contain healing properties for your health, skin, and mind. 

Think about using a bath bomb before your next trip to the tub. 

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